About Us

We help you understand Medicare. Medicare is our expertise, and we share our knowledge with you.  We educate you about how the different parts of Medicare work together, and we also help you clearly understand where supplemental insurance fits into the equation. 

Our objective is simple: To educate you about the key aspects of Medicare to the point that you can make informed decisions about your retirement health insurance.   

Our approach is direct: To help you implement a Medicare strategy that will best serve your needs.  We do this by helping you determine when and how to enroll in Medicare as well as any other plans you've selected.

Why choose us?

Where you choose to purchase your insurance protection makes a difference. Three key reasons to choose us over others are:

  • our commitment to helping our customers, now and years into the future,
  • our approach of helping you fit insurance coverage to your needs and not just buy a policy, and
  • our independence means that we can focus on what's best for you, not what's best for the insurance company.

We’re proud to serve people from all walks of life to make sure they have access to the healthcare services they need from the best companies at the best prices. We look forward to the possibility of serving you.

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    Bill Gundelfinger

    Mr. Medicare